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The "Electric Universe" phrase refers to the theory that electricity plays a significant role in the Universe.

1977: Ralph Juergens' usage

In 1977, Ralph Juergens referred to "an electric universe in the Velikovskian mode", referring to Velikovsky's views in his unpublished monograph Cosmos without Gravitation that "Gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon".[1] He wrote:

"In Worlds in Collision Velikovsky claims that the Earth's rate of rotation was altered repeatedly during close encounters with Venus and Mars, and that electromagnetism had much more to do with these effects than did gravitational or other mechanical forces. In Cosmos without Gravitation, besides arguing that gravitation itself must be an electromagnetic phenomenon, he urges consideration of the likelihood that the Earth and the other planets, as electrically charged bodies, create their proper magnetic fields by their rotation. Such proposals have brought him little but mockery from scientists too busy to study his work, but they were made in all sincerity, and when examined objectively in the frame of reference appropriate to that work they hold up well under close scrutiny.
"It is to be regretted that in the span of a full quarter-century no accredited geophysicist ever came forward to take up Velikovsky's cause. One would think that the sheer weight of space-age discoveries -- most of them pointing to an electric universe in the Velikovskian mode -- might have rallied at least a few professionals. But, strangely enough, this has not happened. And it is left to us who might rather be bystanders to take up the study."[2]

1997: Wal Thornhill's usage

At the conference "Planetary Violence in Human History" in Portland, Oregon, January 3-5, 1997, Wal Thornhill presented a paper called "The Electric Universe", in which he noted that:

"Astronomical theory deals with gravity and magnetism as though they have been the only forces operating in the universe but if and when electrostatic forces operate, they are 1036 times more powerful than gravity. Electric forces would have to operate in a plasma medium, so modern plasma physics may help to explain features of the Saturnian system."[3]

At the same conference, Robert Driscoll presented a paper, "An Electromagnetic Model of the Ancient Sky".


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